STOP deadly migration policies & SUPPORT the application of Art 13

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Through this petition, we are calling on civil society to mobilise itself and give a voice, at the highest State level, tothose who are in favour of:

- A fairer and more balanced form of globalisation that upholds equal rights for all people to move and settle freely
- A re-allocation of fundsassigned to militarisation and border security in favour of proper systems for welcoming and supporting migrants
- The establishment of more equitable international economic and political relations between rich and poor countries

And to those who will no longer support:

- A form of globalisation that promotes the movement of citizens of rich countries, goods and capital but hinders that of men, women and childrenwho are fleeing war, poverty, totalitarian regimes andenvironmentaldevastationin order to save their lives

- The failure of a system that has turned into a formidable killing and human-traffickingmachine

- A political discourse that exacerbatesinsularity and fear of the other and feeds populism and extremism

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