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Great mobilizations in France and worlwide

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We do not want to go back to normal !

We will not forget! On the day after, we will not forget those who put their lives at risk trying to save ours. On…
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In the face of COVID-19, let’s make all scientific publications freely accessible

Streaming services, adult content and gaming platforms have been made free to boost morale, especially among people…
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Let's disarm for a better world!

While the whole world is mobilising against the coronavirus pandemic,  While millions of citizens of all…
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confinement coronavirus Legrand

PETITION LEGRAND_CONFINEMENT   COVID 19   Legrand in full containment, plans a gradual resumption of…
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Freeing sciences

The Covid-19 crisis was, once more, an opportunity to call for freeing humanity’s knowledge (#freeaccesstoscience).…
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Making Young Social Innovators

The quest of entrepreneurial youth in Europe Europe needs more young people with an entrepreneurial…