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Petition in support of Tran To Nga and victims of Agent Orange.

This online petition adds up to the 4,000 signatures already collected on paper.

More than 40 years ago, the Vietnam War came to an end. However, whole families are still suffering from the effects of the American chemical war between 1961 and 1971. Today, more than 3 million people suffer from serious illnesses, cancers and disabilities as a result of defoliants and herbicides, in particular Agent Orange which contains dioxin. Several hundreds of thousands of children form a 3rd and 4th generation of victims suffering from malformations and serious dysfunctions of the immune and nervous systems.
Producers were aware of Agent Orange's danger to human health when they manufactured it and increased its toxicity in order to be able to mass-produce it. 
For 40 years, neither the US government nor the manufacturers of Agent Orange have accepted full responsibility for the victims.
In February 2009, the US Supreme Court dismissed the Vietnamese victims' claims against the 37 companies that manufactured the defoliant (mainly Monsanto and Dow Chemical) while in 1984, US veterans suffering from the same ills were compensated to withdraw their claims. 

The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, which is the largest ecocide and chemical warfare in history, is still too little known. 
Face with this tragedy, citizens and associations from all over the world are mobilising through an international campaign to :
  • support the legal actions against the manufacturers of Agent Orange, in particular Tran To Nga’s case, a Vietnamese victim of French nationality at the Court of Evry,
  • demand urgent social and medical assistance for the most affected populations,
  • testify so that this drama is not forgotten and serves for future generations.

Vietnam-Dioxine Collective
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Mobilization created by Collectif Vietnam-Dioxine

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