Free Salah Hamouri!

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URGENT: Salah Hamouri, a Franco-Palestinian activist, was arbitrarily arrested overnight between the 22nd-23rd of August by Israeli occupying forces. Imprisoned without cause from 2005-2011, Hamouri was violently woken in the middle of the night at his home in East Jerusalem by the Israeli army. Like thousands of other Palestinians, Salah was placed in administrative detention, a common practice, used by Israel to arrest Palestinians without charge and deny them a fair hearing or the possibility of consulting a lawyer, a practice which can be renewed over and over. We can not remain silent in the face of this unjust demonstration of force by an occupying power. We stand in solidarity with Salah Hamouri and his family and demand that the French authorities act immediately to secure his release. 

Mobilization created by Agence Média Palestine

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