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For months,ever increasing  waves of  women, men, and children are reaching European shores.

On our borders, sealed. 

All these human beings have fled  terror, death. 

All these human beings have gathered what they had left of strength and  hope, to walk forward, a child in their arms to save their lives and those dear to them.

With tragedy, one day all is peaceful, and the next it is suddenly havoc. The world as it is, predatory, cynical, lost,took them ,

 those screaming and banging at our door "Help us!",   It's simple:  they will die if  we do not help them.And we are not helping them.

The "migrant" flows,whether one likes it or not, will not stop. We know it.

They are here. 

A political project, a government's course cannot consist of letting people die while looking the other way. 

To host them implies the creation of another  project, for the country and for the world:  a project where human beings are at the core. 

So we are telling you simply: we want to welcome refugees. 

It is our duty, as human beings, as citizens. 

It is the duty of our elected officials to implement this urgent and momentous aid.

We no longer endure it , do you understand? 

Our sisters, brothers ------ are calling us for help and we cannot bear the silence they get anymore.

We want to welcome refugees for that is what  is normal. There is no other worthy position. This is an absolutely emergency.

We must immediately identify all deserted hamlets, abandoned living areas, ---- partner associations, all those willing to open their doors and roll up their sleeves. There are many. It is up to our elected officials to gather them and make them a coherent and effective entity.

Not doing so would be opting for indifference, and worse yet, would give voice to those who encourage disengagement, distrust. It would strengthen those who make their substantive political trade with the hatred of others. We would be all accountable.

We want to accommodate refugees, we need to count on our elected officials to do it with us.

Mobilization created by Pour la participation citoyenne

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