Let the runner and whistleblower Yuliya Stepanova participate in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

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Yuliya Stepanova is a russian 800m runner, and the whistleblower who initiated the big scandal in track & field in 2015, with the help of her husband Vitaliy Stepanov.

They revealed the corrupted system within the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA and the Russian Athletics Federation. They have put their life in danger and live exiled since then, first in Germany and now in the United States, with their son Robert.

Yuliya Stepanova has reached the minimum time needed to participate in the next Olympics Games in Rio. But she can't join the Russian team. Because she is actually suspended by her russian federation, and because the Stepanov won't be safe at all in Russia.

We are sports amateurs or professionnals, journalists or simple citizens. And we definitely think that Yuliya Stepanova and her husband Vitaliy have been incredibly courageous. And thanks to whistleblowers like them, the world of sports will move forward in a much better direction.

She deserves to participate in the next Olympic Games in Rio. And we ask the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the International Association of Athletics Federations to find a way to let her run at the OG, and not under the russian flag.

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