Successful movements

Activist Victories in France


France réssaisis toi was a national campaign launched to protest the racist attacks on Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice and a black woman. We collected 101,438 signatures, mobilized 50,000 people in Paris for a demonstration, generated widespread attention in the media, and met with Minister Taubira.


Sauvons Florange was a local campaign that supported the French and European Steel Industry Workers Union (ARCELOR-MITTAL) with 31,000 signatures, which led to a change of employment law in Florange.

Collectif des salariés de l’US14 Inserm: Campaign to help scientists in France’s largest laboratories to secure advocates to negotiate promotions with management (650 signatures).

Jacqueline Tiarti collected 2,000 signatures to help her autistic daughter secure a spot in school. We helped arrange a meeting for them with the President, and now her daughter is a student in school.

Activist Victories Abroad


Free Weld El 15 Tunisian rapper Weld El 15 was acquitted on appeal and released from jail (19,500 signatures).


Free Mamadou Billo Sy Savané, political opponent in Guinea was released from jail (4500 signatures).


Ithageneia : Equal Right to Citizenship for children of migrant descent in Greece (4000 signatures) received media attention and an appointment with the Minister of the Interior to discuss the issue.