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We Sign It is a progressive petition, campaign and citizen mobilization platform. It is an online resource that is used to support individuals, associations and NGOs to promote their cause. Our goal is to help people use the internet and social networks in their strategies for citizen mobilization, campaigning and the promotion of social change. 

We Sign It can help your campaign go viral on social networks by taking less than three minutes to create your petition following these easy steps.

  1. Create a profile on  We Sign It

  2. Write a short summary that includes the problem/cause you are addressing, what you want to achieve, and who you would like the message to reach (e.g. President, Prime Minister, ministers, director, etc.).

  3. Look for prominent figures such as politicians, celebrities, or other well-known figures to sponsor or support your campaign. 

To take advantage of these features, please send us a message via our online contact form.