What kind of human-like dialogue can be achieved with ChatGPT Japanese?

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"Humanity" that ChatGPT aims for

ChatGPT is more than just a question-and-answer system; it aims to enable conversations so natural that they are indistinguishable from humans. The degree of realization is already high, and dialogue that can be evaluated as fully human-like is possible.

With ChatGPT Japanese, you can enjoy expressiveness unique to Japanese.

ChatGPT Japanese understands the unique nuances of Japanese, including the proper use of honorific language. My strength is that I can engage in dialogue using expressions and phrases that Japanese people use on a daily basis.

Handle long conversations without stress

In ChatGPT Japanese, you can respond flexibly based on the context of the conversation up to that point, rather than just a single response. I can even follow long conversations lasting over an hour.

“Understanding of artificial intelligence” is still developing

However, AI that can completely reproduce the flexible thinking ability of humans has not yet been realized. ChatGPT may also be difficult to discuss beyond the framework of understanding and judgment.

ChatGPT is evolving at a rapid rate and is constantly filling in small loopholes. It is highly anticipated that more and more human-like dialogue will become a reality.

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