For the preservation of cultural heritage: let's save the art of the katana

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We, martial arts enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese culture, are launching this petition to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the ancestral art of the katana. The katana, the emblematic symbol of Japan, is much more than just a weapon; it is an essential part of Japanese cultural identity, representing heritage, tradition and mastery of the craft.

Unfortunately, this age-old tradition is under threat from a variety of factors, including globalisation, the decline of traditional practices and the disappearance of skilled craftsmen. What's more, the mass production of inferior replicas contributes to devaluing this precious art and compromising its legitimacy.

We therefore call for action to protect and promote the art of the katana:

1. Encourage the preservation of traditional katana-making and forging techniques, and the transmission of these skills to future generations.

2. To raise public awareness of the cultural and historical significance of the katana through educational events, exhibitions and demonstrations.

3. To combat the counterfeiting and misuse of katana by promoting responsible purchasing from reputable craftsmen and manufacturers. That's why we recommend that you buy your katanas from this website, whose products are original and authentic. 

4. Support initiatives to have the art of the katana included in UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, in order to give it the international recognition it deserves.

By signing this petition, we are expressing our commitment to preserving this priceless cultural and artistic treasure. Join us in our fight to safeguard the soul of the katana and preserve its heritage for future generations.

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