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Expressing our commitment to the values of freedom, openness and dialogue in the respect of human dignity, we invite fellow citizens throughout the world who share these values, to celebrate and rekindle this flame of solidarity every 11th of the month. This can be achieved by gathering at symbolic places and public squares, engaging in dialogues notably with those of us who did not necessarily feel concerned by the mobilizations of January 11th. Or by joining in spirit through symbolic gestures (candles, ribbons, pencils, etc…)

You can join this movement by signing and adding your name, and making the pledge to take part in it each 11th of the month, while spreading the word among your friends and social networks, so that this spirit of fraternity strengthens and grows more and more every month.

Together, let us change the tragic symbolism around the date of the 11th, which historically has often been marked by events unleashing the forces of death and destruction (9/11/1973 in Chile, 9/11/2001 in the USA, 3/11/2004 in Spain) and let us transform it into a symbol of celebration of the forces of life, conviviality and democracy!


We will see you on February 11th, and every 11th thereafter!

Mobilization created by Mouvement du 11

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