Free The Internet From Denial !

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On French Union of Jewish Students (UEJF) and Union of former Inmates from Auschwitz initiative


Free the Internet from denial !

Today, whoever looks up information on the Holocaust through the main online sharing platforms inevitably comes upon speeches that attempt to prove that the Holocaust did not happen. When one does a quick search, several videos that are amongst the first results use pseudo-scientific arguments to demonstrate that the extermination of Jews and Roma people in Europe did not occur as it is laid down in the history books.

Prior to today’s denialist culture, the Nazis tried to erase every shred of proof in order to cover up their crime. In many countries, Holocaust denial is illegal, and it is condemned without reservation within the United Nations since 2007.

Whilst the Internet has become the primary source of information for new generations, the spread of Holocaust denial contributes to trivializing racism, anti-Semitism, increases indifference and provokes violent outbursts.

Social networks facilitators have provided their websites with the means to ban the plague of child pornography, and to forbid incitation to hatred.

Today, we demand that the social networks assume their responsibilities, and ban Holocaust denial within their terms of use.

We the Holocaust survivors, refuse to allow that on the 70th anniversary of our liberation from the camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the tools of modernity be left in the hands of those who want to destroy our world of values.

We the students, the last generation who are able to meet with survivors, refuse to allow the social networks that we use on a daily basis to be brimming with content and videos of Holocaust denial.

We the leaders of organizations committed against racism and anti-Semitism, refuse to abandon the freedoms we fight for to those who misuse them as an alibi for hatred.

We, citizens, refuse for the Internet to grant legitimacy to violence and manipulation.

The historical truth requires every responsible citizen to acknowledge and uphold it. It is high time that all people of good will, from all nations, regardless of whether they are simple users, architects or investors of the Internet, commit to the defence of truth. If it is the case that the Internet is our shared good, it relies on every one of us for truth to triumph over lies.


Raphael Esraïl, President of the Union of former Inmates from Auschwitz

Sacha Reingewirtz, President of the Union of French Jewish Students

And :

Benjamin Orenstein, President of the Association of the former Inmates from Auschwitz from the Rhone

Elie Buzyn, former Auschwitz inmate

Alberto Israel, former Auschwitz inmate

David Schulhof, former Auschwitz inmate

Zesia Laskier, former Auschwitz inmate

Alfred Szalawecz, former Auschwitz inmate

Claude Bloch, former Auschwitz inmate

Sam Rupkowski, former Auschwitz inmate

Jeannette Deplace, former Auschwitz inmate

Julien Godet, former Auschwitz inmate

Yvette Levy, former Auschwitz inmate

Nicolas Roth, former Auschwitz inmate

David Brin, former Auschwitz inmate

And also :

William Martinet, President of UNEF (National Union of Students from France)

Alexandre Leroy, President of FAGE (Federation of the General Student Associations)

Olivier Vial, President of UNI (National Inter-University Union)

Andi Gergely, Chaiperson of the WUJS (World Union of Jewish Students)

Jane Braden-Golay, President of EUJS (European Union of Jewish Students)

Gilles Clavreul, Prefect, Interministerial delegate to fight against racism and anti-Semitism

Dominique Sopo, president de SOS RACISME (SOS Racism)

Benjamin Abtanpresident of EGAM (European Grassroot Antiracist Movement

Alain Jakubowicz, president of LICRA International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism

David Harris, director of the American Jewish Committee

Simone Rodan- Benzaquen, director of the American Jewish Committee in France

Richard Odier, Director of Simon Wiesenthal Center France

Seta Papazian, president of V.A.N. (Armenian Vigilance against Denial)

Marcel Kabanda, president of Ibuka-France (for the memory of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda)

Alain Daumas, president of l’U.F.A.T. (French Association of Roma organizations)

Benjamin Abtan, president of l’EGAM (European Grassroots Antiracist Movement)

Mobilization created by Union des Etudiants Juifs de France (UEJF)

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