We do not want to go back to normal !

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We will not forget!

On the day after, we will not forget those who put their lives at risk trying to save ours.
On the day after, we will not forget the “nobodies” of yesterday who have suddenly been deemed essential workers.
On the day after, we will not forget to hold accountable those at fault, and we will support legal actions and parliamentary inquiries.
We will regain control of our lives and our futures. We will create everything, with everyone and for everyone.
No single issue must be left aside: public services, healthcare, disabilities, gender equality, retirement, working class, impoverished neighbourhoods, farming communities, climate, biodiversity, housing, democracy, right to asylum, fair taxation, rural living, and the fight against any form of domination. We will launch a platform dedicated to the urgent measures that must be implemented in order for us to share dignified lives in a world worth living in.

In signing this call, we commit to solidarity in all of these fights.

Every week, from Sunday 31 May onwards, we will be meeting up locally wherever we are to form people's assemblies in order to get organised for the struggle ahead.

Every local branch acts completely freely and independently. The decision on when to take action will be made region by region, depending on the progress made in local struggles and on sanitary conditions.
Our objective is to feel free and legitimate, and to sound the rallying cry in our streets, our neighbourhoods and our villages to build worlds that are united, plural and self-organising.

We chose Sunday 31 May as the launch date for people's assemblies so that we can take the time to structure the mobilisation properly, to get as many people involved as possible and to prepare the tools that will make organising the movement easier.

Let's actively engage in rallying people online and offline as of right now, and let's stop locking down our words, our anger, our hopes and our struggles.

A united front is essential, today more than ever – this is why we are suggesting a national cross-initiative meeting in order to prepare and coordinate joint actions.
We are calling on every signatory of this call to organise local representatives of The World After and start getting in touch with any activist group or network operating in their area and liable to share our values and our goals, with the aim of finding contributions that will feed national and international discussions.

On the day after, we hit pause, we start thinking, and we won't give up!
On the day after, we will get organised and we refuse to let our humanity, or planet or our justice be stolen from us!

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