Do not enter in Starbuck Coffee anymore !

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How far are companies willing to go to make money? Or in a more hushed language "new markets"? Well, some are desperate ... The American Starbucks for example. In Riyadh, the coffee specialist multinational has just banned the entry of women in one of its branches!
Concerned (according to the official version): no wall between man and space space woman. Because of course, coffee is not mixed Riyadh, local patriarchy requires. "Please do not enter if you are a woman.
"Send your driver" we were able to read on a note on the door for customers to read a customer revolt on the poster stuck to the front door. * * Your driver as in Saudi Arabia, women do not have the right to drive. Pointed, Starbucks defends in the US magazine Cosmopolitan discrimination. "All our stores offer equal facilities (service menu, seats) for men, women and families," says the chain. Except that at the same time, "the Starbucks of Saudi Arabia adhere to local customs." So ... this apartheid.
We citizens outraged, calling consumers of Starbucks Coffee to boycott all the cafes of the sign so that they will not reverse their decision! The dignity of human beings and the female half of humanity is not negotiable!

Mobilization created by Les Effrontées Active Génération I-Boycott

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